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Georgina Lempkin Biography Photo Georgina Lempkin Biography
Born: 10/11/1967
Aliases: Georgina, Georgia Kist , Tina Samson

Date of Birth: October 11, 1967
Birthplace: Hungary
Current Resident in Germany
Birth Name: Györgyi Kopekin
Assumed Aliases: Georgina| Georgia Kist | Tina Samson
Height: 5' 9" Weight: 127 lbs Waist: 24 Hips: 34
Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Red Breast: 44G

Georgina was born in 1967 in Hungary. We are sure that Georgina had bailed her hometown by the early-90's. She hit the road for a career as a feature stripper and figure model, and had her front end inflated to the point that it guaranteed a certain level of success. By 1999, Georgina was ready to try her hand -- and boobs -- at hardcore. She wasted no time in delving into some freaky frolics and has quickly become one of the top big-boobers on the circuit.
Whether peeking out from the pages of your favorite men's magazines or headlining at a nearby gentleman's club, Georgina Lempin is hard to miss! This Hungary native has an amazing 44G bust size. Hungary sized, indeed! You can be sure that this Lone Star babe is never lonely. As she now resides in Southern California, she's become quite partial to hiking, skiing, and the beach -- the best of outdoors activities in the Southland. As for indoor fun, draw her up a hot bath; fill it with bubbles and surround it with candles and you've made a good start towards her heart. If you're fortunate enough to find yourself climbing around the dunes of Donita, keep in mind that she has a very open mind regarding sex. In fact, she says that her turn-ons are "everything". Think of the possibilities!
While her nom-de-porn sounds mainly like a cutesy one of the most famous fast food chain Taco Bell attempt at selling donuts, Porn Star Georgina is actually a supremely stacked siren whose fun-loving approach to hardcore has gotten her lots of wanton work during 1999. Well, that and her incredibly massive fake boobs. Georgina measures out at 44"-24"-34", and you can bet that those kinds of stats are always welcome in porno circles. Georgina is a quite tall young woman, standing a full 5'9" when barefoot. Her strikingly gorgeous face and killer smiles can warm hearts from a distance, and Georgina 's wonderfully wide mouth seems made for oral sex. Suffice it to say that this lady's got a lot going for her when it comes to porn.
Best performances of Georgina Lempin can be found in "Spritzende Colts". She plays a fun loving housewife in a scene that comes to life with the help of some talented co stars. What ensues is a feverish sexy fling. Another top-notch tussle is in "Cock City Corral". Georgina plays a frolic that comes to get in on some steamy horsing around. She ends up taking off her clothes and jumping into a fervid romp with Christopher Clarke. Georgina continues to be a fave of huge boobs fans everywhere, and her jiggle luscious curves promise plenty of thrills in the flicks she puts out. Many of her co stars like stars Cathy Patrick, Ildiko, Nilli Willis, would cherish the times captured in these classic sets and many say they would not hesitate to get the romp on again with Georgina and her boob a luscious body.

It would be a mistake to miss a chance to catch this dazzling young damsel in action. While her chosen name may conjure up notions of some mountain climbing near the border this mountainous Lovely who's come into porn the hard way, Porn Star Georgina is actually a quite hot and vivacious classic beauty. There's not a hint of stringency about her, and her wonderfully curvaceous figure is 100% hump able. Georgina exudes an untamed sexual enthusiasm that drives each of her actions through the roof.
During the 90's, Georgina was everywhere - her hard to miss body, massive tits and hot fiery red headed composure looks made most men pop a boner right off let alone that she is one of the tasteful porn stars around. Georgina is a sex kitten gone wild when you see her in her movies doing all her antics, and pornoriffic penetrations. You name it and she has done it and done it good.
Georgina Lempin now lives in sunny Germany where she's pursuing a career as a nude model and exotic dancer. She enjoys hiking, skiing and going to the beach. She's been featured in several big boob magazines including Score, Busty and Gent. Next time you're in Germany keep an eye out for these lovely mammerhorns....the BIG BOOB Georgina Lempin that is! This busty beauty is star of many video adventures where she demonstrates just how feral and zealous she can get! Georgina loves the outdoors and loves to shake those huge tits all over the place!

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